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Entry #4

Yuri Sakazaki... heck yeah!

2011-02-21 19:25:16 by heztynk

Yuri Sakazaki one of my fav. on the KOF
and i was kinda boring so a make some
combos of her
(i am not a pro)
some of them are easy and ones are
a little more complicate but at the and
they are easy so i hope you like the combo movie !


(fore now there's no video but i well post and a few hrs)

Yuri Sakazaki... heck yeah!


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2011-02-22 14:56:41

I prefer Athena's moves and combos, but Leona is probably my favorite KOF girl - even though the unofficial quiz pairs me up with Whip and Blue Mary...

Yuri isn't a bad character, but it is difficult to think of any game that she has appeared in where she was considered a 'good' one either. Like you though, I tend to pick characters I can get down on the basic level and practice from there - tiers be damned!